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Affordable Aurora Car Insurance

Our Aurora auto Insurance can help protect you from expensive, sometimes devastating accidents. As an insured driver, you can get help paying medical bills, repairs, certain legal defense costs and more.

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We are an Aurora Insurance Company, interested in ensuring that our customers obtain the correct coverage they need to protect their loved ones and themselves. #KuoniAndLópez

Car Insurance

Discover the peace of mind that comes with driving confidently, courtesy of Aurora Auto Insurance. Our commitment goes beyond just providing car insurance; we offer a robust shield against the financial surprises that accidents can bring.

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Aurora Insurance Services

Welcome to our services in Aurora! In our ongoing commitment to provide peace of mind to our clients, we take pride in introducing a comprehensive range of insurance solutions. The best insurance in Aurora.

Auto Insurance

Aurora Auto Insurance will help protect you from financial disaster. E.g., Medical bills, liability responsibility and vehicle repairs. Cost is minimal far the coverage it offers for your peril. You choose the coverage to fit your budget.

Umbrella Insurance

Is an additional liability coverage starting at 1 million additional amounts (But you must have a minimum underlying coverage which is established by each insurance carrier).

Home Insurance

Our Aurora Home Insurancewill help protect your largest investment. E.g. Rebuild your home, replacement of roof or any other weather related disaster due to hail or wind, including complying with new building codes. AII your personal belongings and property Medical bills and any liability claim against you.

Life Insurance

This is part of your financial planning far the well-being of your family. Either spouse can apply but it's suggested that both spouses get one and its long-time commitment 20 to 30 years period.

There are various types, but the most common are Term Life, Universal Life and Whole Life. lt's a coverage that you buy with family in mind and from the heart and you tailor payment according to affordability.

General Liability

General Liability is an insurance product for Business and Commercial purposes.

lt protects the business, contractor or self-employed from any damage that they might cause due to negligence on their part. They start at a million dollars coverage per incident with an aggregate of two million per peril and can be enhanced subject to underwriting by the insurance carrier. Premium is based on exposure of business or work performed.

Worker Comp (WC)

This is a coverage that protects your employees from medical expenses and loss of wages. lt is a mandatory coverage (by law) in Colorado. The cost is based on the type of business or work performed.

In addition, it does not matter how employee is paid or classified e.g. on payroll or 1099 employee you the business or business owner is required to have Workers Comp unless the business or contractor you hire has his is own or the business owner is performing the work himself.


Regarding coverage amounts, always consult with Claudia, Erika or Chris.

On what behooves you the most based on your circumstances and remember to have a yearly review.